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Wider skills

Subject Head: Roger Eckersley (Assistant Head)


KS4 Wider Skills

In Key Stage 4, all students have an entitlement or a statutory obligation to learn about certain wider issues relating to their personal development and well-being. Some of these will be addressed in timetabled lessons; some will be addressed through whole-day events when students will be taken off timetable. These include the following:

Work Related Learning

  • Students will all have the opportunity to undertake a week’s work experience in the summer term of Y10. This will be followed by time in PSHCE to write a report about their experience and to analyse and evaluate key aspects of the work place. 
  • Students will be offered interviews with a careers advisor as and when appropriate to help them to make decisions about what they would like to do after Year 11.

Personal, Social, Health Education and Citizenship (PSHCE)

  • Students will cover a programme of dedicated lessons that cover aspects of personal wellbeing, financial wellbeing and citizenship.
  • Some topics may also be addressed in half or whole day sessions.
  • Many aspects of wellbeing and citizenship are also addressed across the curriculum and through the variety of extra-curricular activities on offer to students in Key Stage 4.

Farmor’s Student Skills

  • Students will engage in a number of activities across the curriculum that practice and develop personal, learning and thinking skills. These are designed to provide students with the skills they need to succeed in school, in the world of work and in life.
  • Students are expected to reflect regularly on the skills they are using in lessons and think about how they can improve them.