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The library

Opening hours: Mon-Friday 8.30 - 4.00pm

Library Manager: Sarah Watson
Our aim is to make Farmor’s library as welcoming and as accessible as possible to all students – from their first year up to the Sixth Form. We provide resources to enhance our students' educational experience as well as contributing to their personal and social development by stimulating their wider interests and encouraging reading for pleasure.
We are proud to have a comparatively large and well-stocked secondary school library. Arranged over two floors, it provides a whole-class teaching and study area downstairs with a suite of computers together with the non-fiction collection. Upstairs there is a more relaxed area seating up to 30 for reading and private study and housing the fiction collection. The Library is open all day and is particularly popular at  break and lunchtime, when we are  busy with students completing their homework, reading for pleasure, playing board games and enjoying the social space we've created.
We try to encourage even our most reluctant pupils by providing resources that are as wide-ranging as possible and by helping each individual find something at their level that interests them. To this end, we have over 4000 fiction titles, from Simpson’s comics to the classics of literature via Manga, Graphic novels and  today's most popular authors, while our  8000+ non-fiction titles cover every school and general interest subject.
Welcome to our school library, where reading is always a pleasure!