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I firmly believe this success is rooted in our culture of independence and excellence. Excellence is seen in our outstanding purpose-built facilities and in the quality of A level teaching that you will enjoy. Our staff regularly ‘go the extra mile’ with one-to-one tutorials and mentoring to ensure students reach their potential. In addition, we pride ourselves on the level of advice, guidance and pastoral support available to all students. This unrivalled support includes alumni mentors, a dedicated careers library, financial support and varied work experience and enrichment options, including Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award and the Three Peaks Challenge. We also have the Aspire Programme for Oxbridge and Medicine students and are successful in supporting students onto these paths every year. With around 250 students in the Sixth Form, we are small enough to support individual ambitions.

Independence is vitally important as you prepare for the next steps of your life after A levels. Therefore, we will treat you as an adult from day one, responsible for your choices. This includes how you dress. We do not have a uniform, but expect you to dress appropriately for the studies you have chosen and the way you wish to be seen. You have chosen your courses so we expect you to be as committed to studying them as we are to teaching you. We will offer you a wealth of advice and opportunities including ways to study successfully; from this we expect you to take responsibility for putting in the time. Unlike almost every other sixth form, we do not set your target grades; you set your target grades in discussion with your tutor. 

So we have a unique balance of freedom and academic rigour, of independence and support, of routine and choice. Our inclusive ethos coupled with the breadth of our offer attracts students from many different schools and new entrants make up over 20% of the cohort each year. Furthermore, our students are hugely successful whatever path they choose after A levels and continue to be part of the ‘Farmor’s Family’ through our alumni network, supporting future generations of students.

We might be tucked away in a rural and leafy part of Gloucestershire, but we are one of the most progressive post-16 providers around. Come and see what we have to offer.

Emma White 

Head of Sixth Form