Celebrating students' GCSE success!

Congratulations to our Year 11 students in their GCSE results. It has been all smiles and no tears this morning, which is our main measure of success.

We are very proud of this year group as they have been the first to take the majority of their exams in the new, 'tougher' GCSEs. They have certainly met this challenge head on. 23% of grades awarded were at grades 7 to 9 (A* or A) and 13% were grade 8/9, which has replaced the top A* grade. 1 in 10 students achieved 8 or more GCSEs at grades 7-9. Over 75% of grades were at grade 4 or higher, defined as a 'good pass' and 57% were at grade 5 or above; a 'strong pass'.

We saw a particularly strong performance in science subjects this year. 70% of students achieved two or more science qualifications at grade 4 or above. The percentage of students achieving a 'strong pass' (grade 5) in Biology increased to 86%. In Physics, the percentage of students achieving a grade 5 increased by 13%. Our first cohort of Computer Science candidates did exceptionally well, with 80% achieving grades 7-9 (A-A*).

Students from our own Year 11 and from other schools have been queuing up to make their final A Level choices for Sixth Form. We look forward to welcoming our new Year 12 in September. To those starting at college or in an apprenticeship, all the best and stay in touch.