GCSE results

Congratulations to Year 11 students on their GCSE results. We are very proud of you all!

Despite the new ‘tougher’ exams in Maths and English, we are delighted that 80% of students achieved a grade 4 or above in both subjects. Across all subjects, 27% of exams achieved a grade A* or A (or the equivalent grade 7-9).

It is very difficult to compare this year’s results to previous years due to all of the curriculum changes, but our key measure was the reaction of students when they picked up results. There were many happy faces and tears of joy. This is all we need to know that it was all worthwhile!


For more information, see our press release below…

This is the first year that the revised Mathematics and English syllabuses have been examined. This means that students have received their GCSE grades for English and Mathematics on a 1- 9 scale (9 highest) and the remainder using the traditional A* to U letters. The 1-9 scale makes comparisons to previous years difficult in English and Mathematics as the grades and letters do not have a direct equivalence. At the same time, the courses themselves have been made much more challenging under the revised syllabuses. 
Despite this increased level of challenge, we are delighted that 80% of our students achieved both Mathematics and English GCSEs at grades 4 or higher, deemed by the government as a ‘good pass’ and 56% achieved both at grade 5 or higher, deemed a ‘strong pass’; both are part of the new headline government measures. 74% of students achieved five or more GCSEs at grades A* to C including English and mathematics at grade 4 or higher. 27% of all grades awarded were at A* to A or 7- 9. We are particularly pleased that a number of our students were awarded the top 9 grade in English and Mathematics, which is awarded to far fewer students than the previous A* measure, with 7 students achieving this in Mathematics and 5 in English Literature.
Headteacher, Matthew Evans, stated:
“I am delighted that our students have achieved so well in their GCSEs this year. Results remain consistently high as exams get tougher. We’re immensely proud of our students. I would like to thank the fantastic teachers that taught them and all the staff who have supported them through their time at the school.”
Key statistics
Percentage achieving grade 4 or above in both mathematics and English (Standard pass) 80%
Percentage achieving grade 5 or above in both mathematics and English (Strong pass) 56%
5 or more A*-C grades including maths and English at grade 4+ 74%
5 or more A*-C grades including maths and English at grade 5+ 56%
5 or more A*-A grades 22%