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Health and Social Care

Subject Head: Karen Rand


Note that Health and Social Care is not studied at KS3

KS4 Health and Social Care (Technical Award)

Specification: AQA Technical Award (Draft 3731)

Course outline 

AQA Technical Award Health and Social Care is a nationally recognised qualification designed to provide you with a choice of routes into further education or employment. It is appropriate for students considering a future career in health, social care or early years’ provision. This qualification is modular and is split into three units. One is an externally assessed exam and the other two are internally assessed.

What should students expect to do during the course?

Students will be involved in a number of different learning activities, including class discussions, presentations, internet searches, question and answer exercises, presentations from guest speakers, nursery and school visits.

Unit 1:

Improving the well-being of an individual.

Students will chose an individual and use a range of testing techniques to measure their health. They will then produce a plan and implement this. Finally they will be asked to review the plan by suggesting lifestyle changes that could improve the individual's health and well-being.

Assessment: Internally assessed piece of coursework, 30% of Technical Award.

Unit 2:

Promoting healthy living.

Students will carry out research into the aims and benefits of health promotion campaigns. They will prepare, produce and review a health promotion campaign.

Assessment: Internally assessed piece of work, 30% of Technical Award. 


Development through the life stages.

Students will learn about human growth and development and the factors affecting them. They will also have the opportunity to learn and discuss how major life changes such as marriage, having children, divorce and starting a new job can affect them physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. They will learn about sources of support and services for life events, together with the roles of professionals involved. They will also be assessed on health measures and the definitions of Health and Social Care.

Assessment: Written examination with a mixture of multiple choice, short-answer, structured and free-response questions which makes up 40% of the total marks. 


This qualification will be awarded on the scale Credit to Distinction, where distinction is the highest grade.