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Our reports are called ‘IGR’ which stands for Interim Grade Report. The audience for reports are parents and the purpose is to communicate progress and attainment data. The style of report differs between year groups, but broadly speaking each student will recieve:

  • Two or three Reports per year
  • Two mentoring sessions in KS3 and KS4 and three mentoring sessions in the Sixth Form
  • One parents’ evening in each year group at KS3 and KS4 and two in the Sixth Form
  • A longer written report per Key Stage in KS3 and KS4, none in the Sixth Form.

For the academic year 2017- 18, the reporting schedule is as follows:

Year Group      Reporting Dates            
Year 7

IGR1 Friday 13th October

Assessment data shared on Friday 8th December 

IGR2 Friday 2nd February

IGR3 Friday 15th June

Year 8

IGR1 Friday 12th January

IGR2 Friday 6th July

Year 9

IGR1 Friday 3rd November

IGR2 Friday 26th January

Year 10

IGR1 Friday 9th February

IGR2 Friday 13th July

Year 11

IGR1 Friday 17th November

IGR2 Friday 23rd February

Year 12

IGR1 Wednesday 6th December

IGR2 Wednesday 13th June

Year 13

UCAS grades home Wednesday 13th September

IGR1 Wednesday 22nd November

IGR2 Wednesday 14th March



Check the publication dates for reports here.