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Mr Andrew Rowan:

Course Content

Areas of study include human biology such as the nervous and endocrine systems as well as genetics. Further study includes cell structure, biological molecules, nucleic acids, enzymes, cell division and organisation. Also covered are means of transport in plants and animals as well as diseases, immune systems, biodiversity, classification and evolution. You will also develop practical skills through a range of activities.

Exam Board OCR

Exams: 3 exams at the end of Y13 plus 12 practical assessments graded at pass/fail.

Results 2022

A*-A 52% | A*-B 90% 

Entry requirements

Sixth Form entry criteria plus:

Minimum GCSE grade 5 6  in in Double Science or 5 5 6 in Triple Science (6 in Biology) + grade 6 in Maths. If grade 5 achieved in Maths, Core Maths should be take in addition.

Career Opportunities



Environmental Science

Food Industry


Pharmaceutical Industry


Sports Science


Veterinary Science

Industry Links and Work Experience &Trips

Lecture days at Warwick University

Field trips

Science Support in Primary School


It is clear the staff put a great deal of effort in-certainly our son seems to have a lot of respect for his teachers.

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Student Profile

Henry Newman

Previous school Farmor's

Studied Biology, Physics, Maths and EPQ

Achieved AAAA and is studying Civil Engineering at Bristol University