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There is no doubt that A levels are important, but employers, universities and colleges are looking for well-rounded, confident and skilled individuals. They are looking beyond grades on a certificate to select their candidates. With the rapidly changing world, we are preparing you for careers and opportunities that may not yet exist. What is equally important to us therefore, is the range of opportunities that we offer you to develop your portfolio of skills and create a growth mind-set that views new challenges positively. We encourage all of you to make the most of these opportunities.

We have a wide range of different options that are delivered in hour long weekly sessions. These are updated each year and currently include:

  • Criminology
  • Young Enterprise
  • Sports Coaching
  • Public Speaking
  • Three Peaks
  • Peer Mentoring 
  • Duke of Edinburgh Gold
  • Sports 
  • Computer Programming
  • Animation Club
  • Photography and The Arts