Sixth Form facilities

Farmor’s Sixth Form has its own suite of rooms and facilities for sixth formers to use. Undoubtedly the favourite space that all the students mention is the Learning Resource Centre (LRC). It is a purpose-built study space with a light, airy but studious atmosphere. As well as excellent ICT facilities, the LRC is open from 7.30am to 6pm Monday to Friday. You can come in early or stay late and always have a place to study. 

In addition, there is a café where students can buy both hot and cold snacks without having to enter into the main school canteen. No Sixth Form would be complete without a common room and soft seating for relaxing and sharing a break. When the weather is sunny, students can sit and study outside on the picnic benches and terrace area as well as play table tennis or football on the field. 

There are so many different spaces for students that everyone can find a place of their own no matter how they prefer to study or relax.