Further Mathematics

Staff Contact: Ms Alison Lines alines@farmors.gloucs.sch.uk

Course Content

You will choose Further Maths because of a real enthusiasm for maths, and an aspiration to further study in maths, engineering, the sciences and economics. You will explore complex numbers and matrices, as well as building your understanding and knowledge of sophisticated mathematical ideas and techniques. You can choose options to specialise in areas that are particularly relevant to your interests and aspirations. 

Exam Board: Edexcel


The final examinations consist of 4 one and half hour papers. The first two papers are compulsory while paper 3 and 4 allow for a number of options.

Paper 1 – Pure Maths marked out of 100.

Paper 2 – Pure Maths marked out of 100.

Paper 3 & 4 – More pure and applied maths options including Decision, Mechanics and Statistics also marked out of 100.

Results 2022

A*-A 100%

Entry Criteria

Sixth Form entry criteria plus grade 8 in GCSE mathematics.

Career Opportunities

The students who choose to study further mathematics are more commonly the students who go on to study mathematics, physics or engineering at one of the Russell group universities. Careers where further maths is highly desirable are those involved with mathematics at a high level.  These include:



Computer scientists




Industry Links and Work experience

Previous students have completed work experience with a number of financial and engineering firms.  The department is developing links with the local STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) network which can arrange gap year placements with STEM firms.

There will also be the opportunity to compete in a number of mathematical competitions.


Further mathematics is particularly useful preparation for courses in the theoretical and/or mathematical physics, which have a more sophisticated mathematical content.

Professor Peter Main, Director of Education and Science, Institute of Physics.


Student Profile

Lydia Nuttall

Previous school Farmor's

Studied Further Mathematics, Mathematics and Physics

Achieved ABC and is studying Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences at Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands