Speaker’s programme

Every fortnight we have speakers who come into the Sixth Form to share their experiences and expertise with our students. On the Speakers’ Board at the bottom of the stairs you will find a list of who is coming in for the next few weeks.

Most weeks there will be a speaker for the Year 12 students and another for the Year 13 students, though occasionally each year group will be divided into smaller groups and you occasionally you will be asked to sign up for the talk that most interests you. The reason for this is to ensure we have the right sized room for the speaker and audience, and also to ensure that you are receving a wide range of information and guidance..

We ask for feedback on the Speakers’ Programme each year and use speakers who are valued year on year by students. This means that we are confident that the range we offer is valuable, interesting and often entertaining and thought provoking. We will be asking your opinion on these speakers throughout the year, so please engage with the Programme and give us feedback to keep developing it as a meaningful and enriching part of our Sixth Form Provision. 


Y12 Speaker Programme

Here you will find details of the Speakers that have been arranged for the first term.

Year 13 Speaker Programme

The Speakers for Year 13 have a different focus, therefore are different to the Year 12 ones.