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Modern Languages

Modern Languages

Subject Head: Simon Pike


KS3 Languages

Course Outline

At Farmors all students in KS3 study one language; French or Spanish. Students are allocated one language. Year 6 parents are asked if there is a particular reason to study one language. Although no guarantee can be given we will try our best to accommodate preferences. Students are taught in their tutor group. These groups are mixed ability. There is no setting in Language lessons. This language will be studied for three years. In Year 7 and 8 there are four lessons a fortnight whilst in Year 9 there are five.

We believe that studying languages will enable pupils to learn to appreciate different countries, cultures, communities and people. They will also gain insight into their own culture and society. Pupils will cover a range of topics, as outlined below, which will enable them to gain greater confidence in expressing themselves in the target language.

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French Curriculum 7-13

KS3 French Vocabulary

Spanish Curriculum 7-13

KS3 Spanish Vocabulary

At the end of Year 9 all students are invited and encouraged to continue studying a language to GCSE in Years 10 and 11.

KS4 Modern Languages

Specification: AQA GCSE French - 8658 

Specification: AQA GCSE Spanish 8698

What should students expect to do during the course?

Students are expected to understand and provide information and opinions about the above themes relating them to their own experiences and those of other people, including people in countries/communities where the language is spoken. The course aims to increase students’ ability to communicate in a another language. They will develop their skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing and will sit formal exams to test all four skills at the end of Year 11. Students will learn about the culture and lifestyle of countries where the language is spoken. Studying a language will improve employment prospects and enhance foreign travel experiences.


GCSE French and Spanish have a Foundation Tier (grades 1–5) and a Higher Tier (grades 4–9). Students take four question papers from the same tier.

Paper 1: LISTENING (Understanding and responding to different types of spoken language)

  • Written exam: 35 minutes (Foundation Tier), 45 minutes (Higher Tier)
  • 40 marks (Foundation Tier), 50 marks (Higher Tier)
  • 25% of GCSE

Paper 2: SPEAKING (Communicating and interacting effectively in speech for a variety of purposes)

  • Non-exam assessment covering Role-play, Photo card, General conversation
  • 7–9 minutes (Foundation Tier) + preparation time
  • 10–12 minutes (Higher Tier) + preparation time
  • 60 marks (for each of Foundation Tier and Higher Tier) and 25% of GCSE

Paper 3: READING (Understanding and responding to different types of written language)

  • Written exam: 45 minutes (Foundation Tier), 1 hour (Higher Tier)
  • 60 marks (for each of Foundation Tier and Higher Tier) and 25% of GCSE

Paper 4: WRITING (Communicating effectively in writing for a variety of purposes)

  • Written exam: 1 hour (Foundation Tier), 1 hour 15 minutes (Higher Tier)
  • 50 marks at Foundation Tier and 60 at Higher Tier and 25% of GCSE

Progression into Sixth Form

We offer well-established and successful A-Levels in French and Spanish