Pastoral care

Young people spend a great deal of time at school and we get to know them very well. In addition to providing them with a great education, we want to make sure they are looked after as they gain more independence and become young adults.

We support students struggling with their learning, going through emotional difficulties, experiencing friendship problems and in making important life choices. We also challenge students to do their best, aim high and to participate in activities which will help them learn valuable skills in leadership, teamwork and problem solving.

Most of the time, students get on fine with their daily lives. Sometimes, when faced with significant challenges, they require an additional level of support. We tailor our pastoral support to meet the needs of each child.

We benefit from being a relatively small school and therefore get to know each student as an individual. We have a strong community spirit and students treat each other with respect and kindness. We nurture an ethos of tolerance, diversity, equality and respect.  Our aim is to ensure students feel safe and supported not just by the staff at the school, but by their peers and the school community as a whole.

Our strong pastoral care can be felt when visiting the school; we are proud to be a happy, friendly and welcoming place.