The Library

Opening hours: 

Monday - Friday 8.30am - 3.30pm

Library Manager:  Amber Barker-Harrold

Welcome to our school library, where reading is always a pleasure!

Farmor’s Library is situated in the heart of our school. Our aim is to make our Library as welcoming as possible and to instil in all our students a lifelong love of reading.

Our Library is a hub of fiction. Regular promotional displays and reading lists inspire a questioning and independent approach to learning and students are encouraged to exploit the full range of fiction books our Library has to offer. We provide creative, thoughtful reading material that is as wide-ranging as possible and helps each individual find something that interests them. 

Our Library is open all day and is particularly popular at  break and lunchtime, when we are  busy with students reading for pleasure, or playing board games. We run a weekly Creative Writing Club and annually take part in ‘Battle of the Books’, an initiative run by and at the Cheltenham Literary Festival to encourage students to debate the merits of different books.

Library Newsletter 21/06/24