Headteacher's Welcome


As a parent I want my children, first and foremost, to enjoy school and to do well.  I want school to share my aspirations for them, to treat them as individuals and to recognise their talents and interests.  I ask that they are taught well, by teachers who are passionate about their subject, and that they are challenged to achieve their academic potential.  I hope they will develop to be responsible, caring and courteous young adults and that the school will support me by insisting on the high standards of behaviour that I expect at home.

Is that too much to ask?  I think not.

I suspect that my expectations are fairly common.  You will no doubt add more of your own.  At Farmor's School we recognise that we have a great deal to live up to.  We strive to deliver for your children what we would want for our own.

Farmor's School offers something unique, which is why some of our students travel a distance to study here; from Swindon, Cricklade and villages from miles around.  Founded in 1738, the school has a sense of history and tradition which few comprehensive schools can lay claim to, this in turn structures our ethos and values.  Set in the Cotswold town of Fairford and surrounded by beautiful countryside the school is a calm and pleasant environment for learning.  We are a proudly independent, principled and confident school.

However, do not be fooled in to thinking that Farmor's School is a sleepy retreat.  The school is equipped with excellent facilities including modern science labs, a business conference centre, sports facilities and a Sixth Form Learning Resource Centre! The thriving arts culture, successful sports teams and outdoor pursuits activities ensure students are engaged in the wider life of the school.

It is this mix of traditional values combined with a forward looking and dynamic outlook that makes Farmor's School a great place to be.

We are determined to build further on what has already been achieved.  Our greatest successes lie ahead.  If you share our aspirations for your children and want to join with us in making Farmor's School an unrivalled place to work and learn, I welcome you and your child to our school.

Matthew Evans


Values and ethos

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