School Life

The experiences students have beyond the classroom are often those that shape them most as a person, and that that they will remember for years to come. We provide opportunities for all students to enjoy life at Farmor’s, to make great friends and develop personally and socially.


For many students, their identity and sense of self-worth is built on their sporting ability. We have many talented sports people who, individually and in teams, punch well above their weight locally and nationally.

The arts

The process of artistic creativity and the opportunity to perform helps students develop essential life skills and an understanding of the world. Our talented musicians, actors and artists grow in confidence due to  Farmor’s nurturing environment.

Outdoor pursuits

A love of the outdoors and desire to challenge ourselves physically and psychologically underpins our rich outdoor pursuits programme. The Duke of Edinburgh Award is available from Year 9 to Sixth Form and our ‘Far Moors Mountain Expedition Club’ aims to scale new heights each year. For those keen to cultivate the land, our horticulture curriculum develops green fingers.

Educational visits

The world becomes our classroom when students venture on one of the many educational visits we offer each year. We believe that these visits bring the curriculum to life and build strong relationships between students and staff.


Allowing students to take charge is an opportunity for personal growth. We provide a range of opportunities, including a prefect programme, school council, Charities Committee and Heads of School.

Time with friends

In an era of social media, having time to spend time together, in person, is increasingly important for young people. We have maintained a long lunch break and have invested in social spaces for students to facilitate students being sociable and building friendships.

"I am so pleased we chose Farmor's, from the first day to the last I know it was the best place for our son."

Educational visits

Field trips, foreign exchanges, climbing mountains, learning to ski, museums, theatre, sports tours and more...

Clubs and activities

Find out more about the range of opportunities for students to get involved outside of lessons.

Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Find out more about the Bronze and Gold awards.