Values and ethos

We pride ourselves on Farmor’s being a great place to learn and to work. Our school is calm, our staff friendly and our students courteous. We build our ethos on a set of core values, which include:


Our actions are underpinned by a strong moral purpose; to educate future generations. We believe that there is nothing more important. To pursue this purpose, we treat each other with respect and honesty, and in doing so build trusting relationships.


We are an open and inclusive school. We value the qualities that each individual brings to our community. Through tolerance and kindness we aim to engender a sense of belonging and shared purpose.


We approach the challenges before us with tenacity and creativity. We seek to learn from our failure and persevere in the face of adversity. New experiences are an opportunity to grow and come to understand ourselves better.

Our ethos means that Farmor’s is a place of learning. These four ‘pillars’, Learning, Integrity, Fellowship and Endeavor, are what makes L.I.F.E. at Farmor’s School unique.


"I enjoy the happy and caring ethos that surrounds the school everywhere you go. I also love how easy friendly everyone is, and how easy it is to make friends."


Our high expectations for behaviour mean every student can learn.

House system

We build a sense of belonging and identity through a traditional House system.