House System

What is a house system?

House systems were established in the 19th Century to develop characteristics in students that were considered valuable at the time. These included:

  • Determination/commitment
  • Bravery
  • Teamwork/comradeship
  • Leadership
  • Christian Masculinity
  • Fitness and Physique

What are the benefits for Farmor’s School in 2020?

These values above are arguably still relevant today but House systems also link to a number of other goals of Farmor’s School to enable our young people to:
  • Enjoy school
  • Make a positive contribution
  • Instil a sense of belonging
  • Improve communication, reliability, working as a team, confidence and resilience
  • Set goals and challenges
  • Take on leadership roles
  • Take others’ thoughts into account

In 2015 we reverted back to four Houses with the traditional names of Barker, Farmor, Keble and Tame. Each Tutor Group has a mixture of students from the 4 Houses within them.  Students and staff are allocated to their Houses fairly randomly although we try to ensure family members belong to the same Houses and there is an even spread of talent to make House matches competitive.