Remote Learning

Remote learning provision

This guide outlines our provision for remote learning if we are required to fully or partially close the school site for unexpected reasons e.g. heavy snow, a power failure or a pandemic. This does not include instances where individual students are not present in school – we do not provide bespoke packages for individuals online.  

Day 1

It may or may not be possible for Teachers to set workStudents should check Satchel One for any tasks that are set as ‘classwork’. The work set should take about 45 minutes per lesson for a student to complete. 

Days 2-5

Work will be set, where possible, for all subjects on Satchel One. Tutors will give tutees the opportunity to check in online via the Mircosoft Team Platform at least once a week in the PSHCE slot. This is held on a Monday from 08.45-0.930. In addition, Teaching Assistants will check in with any who have SEN profile.  

Days 2-5 KS3

All KS3 classes will have the opportunity to check in online via the Mircosoft Teams Platform at least once a week for each subject. Classwork will be set on Satchel One as above. Where appropriate teachers will make use of online lessons, for example Dr Frost Maths and Oak Academy lessons.

Teachers will ensure there is feedback for students on their work submitted online. This may be individual or whole class feedback.

Days 2-5 KS4 and KS5

Teachers will include some element of live teaching using Teams, proportionate to their curriculum time. Links to any live lessons will be put on Satchel One. This might be just the first 10 minutes of a lesson to get students started. When live lessons are provided, they will run at the same time as they normally would on each child's current school timetable.

When work is set each morning, independent tasks are shown in green and for Years 7 to 9, any live sessions will be referenced in red. The reference will show at exactly what time a live lesson is scheduled to take place that day. Students can then access their Teams lessons either through their Microsoft calendar or through their class Team; both of these options are explained in detail in the Microsoft Team section below. 

If we are required to close for more than five days, we will send out separate guidance. 

Satchel One

We recommend that students use the 'To-do list' within Satchel One, rather than the calendar view. This has the following benefits:

  • Any work set by a child's teachers will appear on their To-do list
  • Tasks are divided between two tabs: Issued and Completed.
  • From the Issued tab, work can be either 'viewed' or marked as 'complete'.
  • In both lists, work is ordered by week, with the oldest at the top.
  • Work can only be marked as complete from a student account and not from a parents.
  • Marking work as complete on the 'To-do' list does not submit homework or let a teacher know that work is complete.

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