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Evidence Base

Please look at the following 2 sections (Year 11 and Year 13).

We are asking that you look at the evidence to be used and particularly when assessments were made. Using the linked form, please share with us any personal circumstances which you believe may have affected performance at these times. Any information shared through this process will be held through until September by Mr Shaw. It will be shared with Mr Evans and Mrs White, who together with Mr Shaw will consider any circumstances raised.

This is being considered under the following categories:

COVID Related Disruption

  • Please let us know if you feel that you have faced additional disruption to teaching and learning as a result of COVID 19, in comparison to class peers.
  • Please let us know if there any other specific disadvantages you would like to be considered when compared with other candidates in the year group, in relation to COVID 19.
  • In each case please reference any specific assessments that you believe may have been impacted.

Access Arrangements/Reasonable Adjustments

  • Please let us know if you believe that any approved access arrangements or reasonable adjustments were not put in place for the assessments which are being used to determine your grades. Please list specific assessments where you feel that this is the case.

Mitigating circumstances (Special Consideration)

  • The usual process for submitting cases of special consideration will not apply this summer as the range of evidence is flexible. It is anticipated that instances of special consideration this year will be limited.
  • Please let us know of any circumstances that you believe should result in Special Consideration being applied. If these circumstances are already known to the school, please indicate this and state which person in school should be approached to understand how these may apply.

We will require:

  • 1 submission per student using the linked form.
  • That any circumstances be shared by Thursday 27th May, midday.

Those students choosing not to make a submission by this date are not raising any concerns. Raising a concern does not in itself mean that this will factor into the awarding of a grade. Each concern will be considered by Mr Evans, Mrs White and Mr Shaw and a decision will then be taken on applying, or not, to the awarding of Teacher Assessed Grades.

Teachers will not be able to share the final grade that they have submitted to the exam board.