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Health and Social Care

Subject Head: Karen Rand


Note that Health and Social Care is not studied at KS3

KS4 Health and Social Care (Technical Award)

Specification: OCR Cambridge National Level1/2

Course outline 

National Cambridge in Health and Social Care is a nationally recognized qualification designed to provide you with a choice of routes into further education or employment. It is appropriate for student’s considering a future career in Health and Social care or early years’ provision. This qualification is modular and is split into four units. One is an externally assessed exam and the other three are internally assessed. This qualification will be awarded on the scale Pass to Distinction through Level 1 and 2.

What should students expect to do during the course?

Students will be involved in a number of different learning activities, including class discussions, presentations, internet searches, question and answer exercises, presentations from guest speakers and school visits.


Unit 1: Values of Care.

This explores how health, social care and early year’s workers can support individuals’ rights and provide them with equal opportunities in order to meet their needs. You will learn about discrimination and how this affects people. You will understand how personal hygiene, safety and security measures protect individuals.  Examined unit. 25%.


Unit 2: Communication skills.

Students will carry out their own research into how we communicate and the different barriers that stop a person accessing health services. They will create a plan for the practical tasks of communicating with people. Internally assessed. 25%.


Unit3: Body Systems

Learning about the Cardiovascular system, Respiratory system and the Digestive system and how they function.  Learning about different disorders that affect these body systems.  Learning how to measure your pulse rate before and after activity, measuring peak flows and Body Mass Index.

Internally assessed 25%.


Unit 4: First Aid.

Students will learn how to assess the scene of an accident and what immediate actions should be taken. You will be taught the first aid procedures for a range of injuries. Internally assessed.25%.


This qualification will be awarded on the scale Credit to Distinction, where distinction is the highest grade.