Anti-bullying information

Whilst bullying is rare at Farmor's, we know it can happen. Student feedback tells us that once reported we deal with it quickly and it does not reoccur.  In our 2022 student survey 92% of Year 7 students told us that they felt safe at school.  For us to make sure 100% of our youngest students feel safe, it is important any bullying issues are reported to tutors or our student manager straight away.  We are committed to ensuring a safe environment for all of our students.

Bullying is the deliberate and repeated act of threatening, intimidating, humiliating or otherwise causing distress to a person. 

If your child is being bullied in person, on their mobile or on the internet then tell someone.

Who to tell:

  • If someone's actions outside of school is impacting on the safety or wellbeing of a child in school then teachers have some power to get involved.  Tell your child's Tutor, Student Manager or Head of Year
  • If someone is threatening or malicious online then inform the police, as you would if they did so in person


Cyber-bullying is the use of ICT to deliberately and repeatedly cause distress to somebody.

 Some tips for your child to prevent cyber bullying:

  • Don't give out your phone number to people you don't know well
  • Think carefully about any photos you post online
  • Take control of your account, review the privacy settings, restrict who can see your profile
  • If someone upsets you via text or social media then don't retaliate; remember, once you post something it is there for ever.  Save the message or take a screen shot as evidence and tell an adult


"Incidents of bullying of any kind are very rare and students are pleased that the school takes any hint of victimisation with great seriousness."

(OFSTED 2013)


Our Anti-bulying Policy is available from the Policies page.