School closure procedures

There are occassions where the school needs to close unexpectedly.  This may, for example, be due to bad weather, heating failure, a power failure or similar.  If the decision to close is outside of the school day, we will use the following means of communications to parents:

  • A pop-up message on the home page of the school website
  • An email and/or text message will be sent out to all parents via the InTouch system
  • Messages will be sent using the school's social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.  If you use social media, please be sure that you are set up to receive notifications from us.

Particularly during the winter months when bad weather is forecast, it is important to ensure you look out for these messages. Please do not ring the school.  If it is not published on our website and social media accounts that the school is closed, your child should come in to school as usual.

Bus route changes

Please note that we also stay in close contact with the bus companies during times of bad weather and if bus routes are altered, for example because they cannot access the smaller villages, we will also communicate that to you using the same methods.  It is important that the school office has an up to date email address and/or mobile phone number for you.  From September 17 we are setting up communication groups for each of the buses, in order for us to send messages out to parents of students travelling on individual routes as needed. 


Gloucestershire closures

Gloucestershire County Council's emergency school closure system maintains a live up to date list of any school closures.  A link to their website can be found below.  

Gloucestershire County Council Emergency Closures


Closure during the school day

Should the school need to close during the school day, we recall the buses and once we know what time we can send all of the students home, we will email and/or send a text message to let you know that the school will be closing.  Students who live locally and do not use the school transport will be sent home at the same time as the buses leave school.
You should then follow the processes outlined above to check whether the situation has been dealt with ready for school to start the following morning, or whether the school is to remain closed.